Neighbors protest noise coming from bar on Brady Street

NOW: Neighbors protest noise coming from bar on Brady Street

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Neighbors are upset about the noise coming from a new Milwaukee bar.

Up-Down MKE on Brady Street has only been open since August and in that short time, the managers have made some enemies.

A few neighbors stood outside the arcade bar on Thursday with signs that said 'Noisy Neighbor', 'Noise Nuisance', and 'Noise is No Fun.'

They live right across the river ant they say they've been woken up every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for weeks.

They complain of loud music and people yelling and one woman even says she's called police nine times.

The group has asked management to shut down the decks at 10 p.m. and bring everyone inside, but they've refused.

"We can live with a certain amount of noise but the crowd noise from the decks at Up Down has been very difficult because it's intermittent screaming, it comes right into our windows and there's really no getting away from it," said Jane Lewis who was protesting the bar noise.

Up-Down released the following statement,

Up-Down is aware of the noise complaints made from some of our neighbors in Brewers Hill. Shortly after opening we began bringing in all outdoor games and ceased playing outdoor music after 10pm to mitigate the noise. We have hired an acoustic engineer to study the volume levels and advise us on possible methods to further decrease the potential for conversations on our patios to carry across the river. We understand that there are still complaints about the crowd chatter, and we have been proactively and voluntarily addressing this, as well as communicating with our neighbors to discuss the steps we are taking.
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