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Nate Hamilton Arrested at Milwaukee Tree Lighting

Milwaukee's tree lighting ceremony was held Thursday night. At the same time, protesters from the Coalition for Justice led by Nate Hamilton were on scene shouting "Dontre Hamilton". 

During the protests, six protesters were arrested for a noise ordinance including Dontre Hamilton's brother Nate Hamilton. According to Maria Hamilton, Nate's mother, her son was facing state charges of disorderly conduct. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said the protesters were using sound amplification devices which they were not permitted to use.

Police say the protesters did not have a permit. In a brief press conference after the arrests, Chief Flynn said, "we have tolerated an awful lot disruption in this city due to these individuals." Flynn continued to say that the tree lightning was a place for children and that children should not have been subjected to the protests.

A pastor at All People's Church who spoke as a representative of Coalition for Justice said the protests were intended to show the children that not everyone is celebrating at this time of year and children should know what goes on in the city they live in.

Mayor Barrett said, "this is a time of celebration for the kids, so it's unfortunate that people want to disrupt something for kids."

Police officials told CBS 58 three protesters were originally being held at District Two headquarters and three others were being held downtown at District One headquarters. All protesters were eventually moved downtown.

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