'My whole world is just torn apart': Fallen Officer Kou Her's family mourns loss

NOW: ’My whole world is just torn apart’: Fallen Officer Kou Her’s family mourns loss

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee Police Kou Her’s family placed a memorial at the intersection where he was hit and killed. 

Her’s devastated family placed the flowers and balloons at 60th and Capitol on Tuesday afternoon. The 27-year-old officer had only been on the Milwaukee Police force for two years before his life was cut short.

“My heart, my whole heart, my whole world is just torn apart right now,” Kou’s Brother Kong Her said. “He was always giving, he always looked after his family.”

Officer Kou Her was driving home from his shift at MPD District 4 when he was hit by a driver who ran a red light. A 34-year-old suspect is in custody. Police say he has four prior OWI convictions and is currently on probation for OWI.

“He took a life. We're trying our hardest to forgive with our faith, but it's probably going to take time,” Kong said.

While Officer Her’s two sisters and six brothers are mourning his loss, so are his brothers in blue. MPD’s Wellness Team is working to help officers by providing mental health services, chaplaincy services, and peer support.

“To be able to let them know that there is support for them and to get back on their feet again,” Milwaukee Police Department Chaplain George Papachristou said.

The Salvation Army chaplains were on the scene overnight and visited MPD District 4 and District 7 to help grieving officers Tuesday.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Officer Her's family prepare for his funeral. Click here for the details.

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