Murder victim's home broken into for second time

MILWAUKEE -- On Tuesday night, family and friends who gathered for a vigil were shocked to discover that the home of Christopher Gray had been broken into a second time.

Just 24 hours earlier, the 27 year old father and club promoter was killed after interrupting a burglary at the same residence near 68th and Lisbon.

At last report, the search continued for the two suspects.

\"The family's already been victimized,\" cousin Tory Lowe told CBS 58 News,\" and here we go again. They come here to see the house has been broken into again.\"

Milwaukee Police confirm the report of the second break in and say they are investigating whether it's related to the original burglary and murder.

Gray was popular on the club scene to the point that former Milwaukee Bucks Guard Brandon Jennings tweeted condolences.

Gray's family hopes someone will come forward with information that will lead to an arrest. Milwaukee police believe the suspects may have known Gray, and might have had a reason to target his home.

\"He was a great father,\" sister Deanna Donerson told CBS 58 News, \"He didn't deserve anything that happened to him.\"


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