MPS Superintendent talks student achievement & protection amid immigration policy

Inside the walls at all Milwaukee Public Schools, Superintendent Darienne Driver said everyone stands together for equality and opportunity.

She said no immigration policy will stand in the way.

"We don't ask for a child's status," she said. "If somehow we are aware of that information, it is not something that is shared. We have no intentions of turning over any of our students."

In fact, Driver said board members just issued a resolution so they can help families living in fear.

 "To help us make sure people aren't allowed to come to our schools and possibly interrogate our students and their families," she said.

She said  the district has focused efforts on building a support system for all students, including after-school education centers to partnering with organizations to provide more internships.

"We are a district that has moved categories on the state report card," Driver said. "We are meeting few expectations now. We can't stop until we exceed expectations for all of our students."

Students who she said deserve a fighting chance at success, regardless of their gender identity, status or race.

"We have a jewel here at MPS and it's my job to make sure that everyone here is aware of that and is able to support it in as many ways as possible," she said.

Back in October, Diver said the school board expanded its non-discrimination policy to include protections for transgender students.

With more than 76,000 students, MPS is the largest district in the state.

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