MPS interim superintendent to start enrollment campaign, tweak budget

NOW: MPS interim superintendent to start enrollment campaign, tweak budget

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Dr. Keith Posley walked through the same Benjamin Franklin School door he did starting out as a gym teacher in 1990, this time on his first day as interim superintendent.

"This is like home," Posley said. "It has always been home, and will always be home to me."

Posley says his number one priority is the students.

"Student achievement. and everything we're going to do is going to be about student achievement and accountability."

Clark Street teacher Carolyn Davis says Posley brought great attitude and results during his time as principal.

"When he was here, Clark Street was definitely on top, and I remember one of our biggest events was when President Bush came to visit, and that was when he was here at Clark Street."

The district faces a nearly $40 million dollar budget gap, which calls for cuts to about $11 million to schools. Posley says he wants to increase revenue with a campaign to increase enrollment, which has declined from 100,000 to about 75,000 in the last two decades.

"Canvassing the neighborhood," Polsey said. "Knocking on doors, ringing doorbells and talking up the Milwaukee Public Schools."

Posley is slated to serve one year, with the potential to be signed on longer.
he hopes to have a new conversation next year.

"I want you coming to me at this time talking about the results that we have made around academic growth, our attendance results. I want to also for you to come see me and talk about the enrollment increase that we have had in our district."

Posley said he has some "tweaks" for the budget, which he plans to unveil in front of the school board Thursday night.

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