MPS cheerleader says she was pushed, called racial slur at high school basketball game

NOW: MPS cheerleader says she was pushed, called racial slur at high school basketball game

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A 16-year-old Milwaukee Public Schools cheerleader says she's recovering after a man pushed her into a door frame and yelled racial slurs after a basketball game.

Brown Deer police were called just after 8:30 Thursday because a number of arguments were going on. A basketball game between Milwaukee School of Languages and Pius High School had just ended.

Sixteen-year-old Jameila Williams is a Milwaukee School of Languages student and cheerleader. 

Her mom, Kehana Williams, was at the basketball game and said she saw students running into the gym, so she went to find her kids.

"I run into Jameila and she was like, mom, that man -- and she was hyperventilating, her face is extremely red, her hair is all over the place," Kehana said. 

Williams said Jameila had been pushed by an older white man, believed to be a Pius fan. 

Jameila was pushed into a door frame and was called the n-word over and over, out of the blue.

"Called her the b-word, a loser, the n-word, and he just kept repeatedly calling her the n-word," Williams said. 

That's when Jameila's older brother, Malik stepped in. He said his sister was crying and pointing at the man. 

"Screaming why would you do that to me? I'm a 16-year-old!" Malik said. 

Williams believes that's the argument Brown Deer police were called for. 

Video shows students rushing to tackle the man that pushed Jameila. 

"I got so mad, but my friends ended up chasing him into the gym, " said Malik Williams. 

"They were outside, and they saw what he did and immediately went to her defense," said Kehana Williams. 

A Brown Deer police call log says a 55-year-old Greenfield man was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

Milwaukee Public Schools say they are aware of what happened and said in a statement:

"MPS does not condone the use of racial slurs or derogatory language. We encourage our student athletes and families to show good sportsmanship."

Pius High School in Milwaukee says they're cooperating with Brown Deer police, and rumors have no credibility because the investigation is ongoing. In a statement, the school said in part:

"We remain wholly committed to our Pius XI family, to positive sportsmanship, to living our Catholic values and to the safety and security of our students and families."

Williams says disorderly conduct isn't enough. 

"Garbage to me, because that was assault, not disorderly conduct," Kehana said. 

"I don't think that's fair to her -- my sister, " Malik added. "Because he shouldn't of put his hands on a 16-year-old."

Brown Deer police say they are not identifying the man right now because this is still an ongoing investigation.

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