School bus problems persist for Alliance School student, new bus late to pick up

NOW: School bus problems persist for Alliance School student, new bus late to pick up

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- On Monday morning, Amber Hayes' daughter was expected to get on the bus to go to Alliance School but after an hour of waiting, the bus never came. 

"I got on the phone call from my daughter and she said the bus is not here," Amber Hayes said. 

On Friday, CBS 58 showed an exclusive video of a Lakeside Bus driver backing up on the freeway. Hayes said she filed complaints with the school and bus company after it was consistently late or didn't come at all. 

When we showed Milwaukee Public Schools and Lakeside Bus Company the video and they took action. 

Lakeside Bus Company suspended driver pending the outcome of the investigation and MPS assigned a new bus company to the route. 

Durham School Services planned to pick up Amber Hayes' daughter Monday morning and when it didn't come Hayes called the new bus company and school. 

MPS released this statement: 

This is unacceptable. MPS will continue to monitor this specific route closely to make sure that this family is receiving the service they deserve. Effective transportation is vital to the success of our students. They can’t learn if they can’t get to school.

Last week, in an effort to better serve Ms. Hayes’ child, we assigned a different company and driver to this route. We were disappointed to learn that the new company and driver missed their stop this morning. Immediately upon learning this, we had a bus return and deliver the student to their school.

Hayes' daughter was picked up and dropped off at Alliance School around 9:45 a.m. 

"Every day she is late, every day that she is not in school on time that's part of her education that is being taken away from her that she can't get back," Hayes said. 

Durham School Services stated it has reviewed the route and it won't happen again. 

"I want them to get my kid on school on time. That's it, I don't think that is too much to ask," Hayes said. 

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