EXCLUSIVE: "She was very scared:" Student takes video of a school bus driver backing up on highway

EXCLUSIVE: “She was very scared:“ Student takes video of a school bus driver backing up on highway

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A school bus driver is on suspension after a video surfaced of the driver backing up on the highway Thursday afternoon. 

Amber Hayes said her daughter was on her way home from the Alliance School when the bus driver missed the exit and started backing up. 

“She said she was very scared and she knew it was wrong right away because people don’t back up on the freeway," Hayes said. 

Before the video was taken, Hayes said she filed complaints with the school and the Lakeside Bus Company after the bus consistently showed up late or not at all. 

When she saw the video, she said that was the last straw. 

"Oh my goodness, our kids are in danger this is by no means appropriate for any driver let alone a school bus driver with children on it," Hayes said. 

CBS 58 reached out to Milwaukee Public Schools and Lakeside Bus Company. 

Lakeside Bus Company spokesperson released this statement: 

When we learned of the video and the incident this morning, we identified the driver and immediately began an internal investigation. The driver has been suspended pending the outcome of that investigation. As always, the safety of our passengers, drivers and the community is our first priority.

Milwaukee Public Schools stated it will be using another company starting on Monday for that route. 

We expect the companies that transport our children to do so safely, or there are consequences. Effective Monday, another company is assigned to this route and a different driver will be on the route this afternoon.

- Denise Callaway, MPS Spokesperson

Hayes hopes her daughter can start getting to school on time since this is the first year going to Alliance School.

“We just want our kids to get to school in a safe manner," Hayes said. 

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