MPD: Total of 2,358 non – pursuits in just a three month period this year

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The number of non – pursuits by the Milwaukee Police Department has risen 28 percent in just a three month period in 2017. This is according to a report presented by the Milwaukee Police Department to the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission. The report studied non - pursuits from May 1, to July 31 of 2017. 

A non – pursuit is when a vehicle flees from a police officer, but the officer does not pursue.

The MFPC asked the Milwaukee PD to change their non – pursuit policy last July.  The newest policy was approved by the Commission last September, and allowed officers to chase cars with ties to reckless driving or drug dealing. 

Assistant Police Chief James Harpole presented the report to the Commission in an  October 5th meeting. Harpole said that the MPD is starting a new computer system just for non-pursuit cases that will give Supervisors the ability to manually track the progress of every new case. “We can do better,” Harpole said.

Here is the report the MPD Presented. 

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