MPD and neighboring departments work to stop vehicle thefts following wild chase of stolen Kia

NOW: MPD and neighboring departments work to stop vehicle thefts following wild chase of stolen Kia

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Following Sunday's latest car theft heist that led to the arrest of seven teens, police officials shared how they're tackling increased vehicle thefts and suggesting preventative measures.

New video released on Tuesday by the Whitefish Bay Police Department shows the moment police zeroed in on the teens. The car spun out of control and then the teens were seen fleeing by foot.

The incident started at Bayshore Mall on Sunday when a stolen Kia from Milwaukee was reported. The ordeal ended with a wild police chase through Glendale on West Bender Road just east of North Port Washington Road. Two females and five males were arrested, the youngest was 12 years old.

Sgt. Efrain Cornejo of the Milwaukee Police Department said they are collaborating with several departments to curb that issue.

"We put together a motor vehicle task force. So they work out of districts and it’s a combination of district officers and detectives working together to identify individuals that are involved in stealing vehicles," said Sgt. Cornejo.

He said they're going to need the public's help to tackle increased incidences of vehicle thefts.

"We need the community and family members that know any of these individuals involved in this behavior to contact us and tell them not on engage in that behavior," said Sgt. Cornejo.

He said it's too soon to tell how effective the task force is but suggests drivers to use preventative measures such as steering wheel locks, a kill switch and steering wheel columns.

The district attorney's office will be reviewing charges of fleeing, recklessly endangering safety, operating a vehicle without owner's consent and resisting an officer against the teens involved.

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