MPD addresses disciplining officers accused of domestic violence

NOW: MPD addresses disciplining officers accused of domestic violence

Milwaukee Police Officers and city leaders are working together to revise MPD's domestic violence policy.

At a meeting of the fire and police commission Wednesday, a draft of a new policy was discussed.

One of the big questions asked was how are officers who are accused of domestic violence to be disciplined? Inspector Terrence Gordon of the Milwaukee Police  Department answered questions from the commission and the public for close to two hours on that topic.

Chief Flynn was at the meeting and said a March murder-suicide involving a Milwaukee Police Officer drew people's attention to the problem of domestic violence, but reworking the policy was in the works before that shooting.

Alderwoman Milele Coggs spoke at the meeting, suggesting that we look at the domestic violence policy as a "living document."

A representative from the Soujourner Peace House also addressed the commission. After the meeting, she told us a working relationship between community and the police is the only thing that will stop domestic violence.

Milwaukee Police also discussed the practice of police pursuits at the meeting.

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