MPA to hold no confidence vote on Chief Flynn

The Milwaukee Police Association is now planning to hold a no confidence vote against Chief Ed Flynn next Thursday.

One police source confirming the vote for CBS 58, another confirming the date. The union called it \"cowardice\" when chief Flynn fired now former Officer Christopher Manney last week, Manney shot and killed 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton in Red Arrow Park. Hamilton's family is outraged by what the union is doing.

\"They are insensitive to this matter. The man was shot 14 times, his rights were violated. Did they not hear that, did they not see, see that take place? So how can you stand behind an officer who violated some rights which ultimately ended in his death?\" said Nate Hamilton, Dontre's brother.

The chief has said that Manney was justified in his use of deadly force, but that he violated department policy when he patted Hamilton down. District Attorney John Chisholm has yet to make a decision on criminal charges.

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