Mother of slain Milwaukee bartender opens up about her loss

NOW: Mother of slain Milwaukee bartender opens up about her loss


The mother of the Milwaukee bartender, who was shot and killed one week ago, is opening up about her loss. Heather Kirsch says she wants justice for her son, Dylan Steffen. Steffen was with his best friend after a show at a local comedy club when he was shot in the Walkers Point neighborhood. He died a few hours later at a hospital, and police are still trying to find Dylan's killer. That is weighing heavily on Dylan's family as they prepare for next week's funeral, at the same time, they're remembering the impact Dylan left.

"He always had a smile on his face, no matter what he went through," said Kirsch. "He always knew when I needed to talk to somebody... it's like... I don't know if he could feel the vibes."

There are a lot of memories that will never be forgotten, including one time at a restaurant.

"A table came in next to us, and it had a veteran and a disabled veteran. When we were ready to go, Dylan said he wanted to do something remarkable because you always respect your servicemen, so he paid for their meals," Kirsch added.

That is who was shot May 31.

"All he had was $2 in his pocket," Kirsch said.

"I know he's with me all the time. I can tell," said Gabrielle Steffen, Dylan's younger sister who is remembering his famous hugs, and how much her brother had going for him.

Steffen was a volunteer, was a hard working student and later bartender and by all accounts happy.

"He loved Milwaukee. He loved that he could walk everywhere, he met a lot of new people," Gabrielle said.

A public visitation to remember Dylan will be held Wednesday, June 14 from 2 to 6 p.m. at the Myrhum Patten Miller & Kietzer Funeral Home, 1315 West Washington Street in West Bend. There is also a Justice For Dylan Steffen Facebook page set up for people to post pictures and memories.

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