Mother and 15-Month-Old Son Mauled by Dogs in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) A mother and her 15-month-old son were injured after two dogs mauled them Monday afternoon. 

"I didn't know what they were going to do with me. I couldn't stop shaking. I couldn't stop bawling, nothing," says Jim Williams.  
Williams is still shaken after he and his stepson fought to pull off two male pitbulls from a mother and her 15-month-old son in Green Bay. 
"I need to hold that kid and know it's alright and it's there you know," says Williams. 
The 15-month-old boy and his mother are both expected to be okay, but do have serious injuries. 
The boy's grandmother visited him in the hospital after the attack.
"He was all passed out, blood coming out everywhere. Ripped his skull out, you could see his skull," describes Darlisha White. 
Green Bay police say everyone is lucky that Williams and his stepson noticed the attack while watching TV at their home on Reber Street.
"And then I heard a couple of screams. I stood up and looked out the window and I just seen this big mess and I seen the two dogs and that was it. I was out there," explains Williams. 
Williams says he never second guessed his decision to try and stop the dogs from attacking.
"Not at all. When it comes to children, I don't care. I'm 48-years-old. Hell with my life. I'm too old. Kids, they need a chance," says Williams. 
Williams and his stepson were able to keep the dogs away from any other neighbors until animal control arrived.
Police say they've never had complaints about the dogs. 
Their owner Tina Jones says she wasn't home at the time of the attack. When she left her home, Jones says the dogs were each locked in a crate in the basement.
"They were good dogs. I have a son with Autism that sleeps with them every night," explains Jones. 
According to police, the victims were just walking in the neighborhood when the year-and-a-half old dogs attacked unprovoked. 
Jones signed over her dogs to police so they could be euthanized and tested for rabies. 
"I understand how the family feels and how angry they are at me and that I have to know that my dogs did this," says Jones. 
Jones believes someone broke into her home and let the dogs loose. 
As for possible charges, police say they are still investigating the attack. 
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