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More than 8,000 drivers ticketed during snow operation over the weekend, alderman says the city is trying to make the new system less confusing

More than 8,000 drivers were ticketed over the weekend in Milwaukee because of the snow operation.

The new rules, that were officially rolled out this winter, were meant to make things less confusing, but some drivers say that is not the case. 

More snow means more headaches for Milwaukee drivers trying to find a place to park, especially on the East Side. 

"When people get home late at like 8,10 o'clock at night, there's nowhere else to park," East Side resident Donny Menefee said. 

Spaces are limited because of the alternate side parking during the city's snow operation.

Drivers have to park on the even side of the street on even dates and on the odd side on odd dates, which leaves few parking spots. 

"Your choice is basically you have to park and risk it," Menefee said. 

This is causing confusion for drivers like Jesse Klumb, who was ticketed over the weekend. 

"I was parked on the wrong side of the street," Klumb said. "I read the day wrong." 

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said back in November that the new parking system was meant to alleviate the confusion. 

"The four inch rule did cause some confusion and was well intended and it worked for a while," Barrett said in November. 

However, when CBS58 asked for comment on Monday we were told the mayor was not available. 

3rd District Alderman Nik Kovac says the system isn't perfect and he's open to other ideas. 

"Parking is an evolving process," Kovac said on Monday. "We can always do it better, doing it better and doing it simpler is a challenge."

What adds to the confusion for drivers is the lack of signs or signs that the city just covered up with a sheet of cardboard. 

Kovac says the city is working on that problem and they have the budget for it. 

"Ultimately, we would like to pay for new signs and not just paste them over, but signs actually aren't that cheap," Kovac said. "It will be a process where we are beginning to replace the signs and make them permanent."

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