More cheese please! Mars Cheese Castle is expanding

NOW: More cheese please! Mars Cheese Castle is expanding

Nothing says Wisconsin quite like a trip to Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha County.

And now, there's more of that roadside institution to enjoy!

"I'm so excited, I can't wait to see the customer's faces. I know they're gonna enjoy it." Michael Ventura is co-owner, the 'keeper of the castle' if you will. He's talking about an expansion that's opening to customers.

It nearly doubles the castle in size and features a new kitchen, new dining area, an expanded wine selection and of course, a lot more cheese.

And while the store looks like a castle on the outside, the expansion will also make it look like a castle on the inside. 

"We have our classic metal knights set up in a really cool fashion. We've got real old school wooden tables. Everything in there has been focused towards medieval fun, kind of you know knights in armor."

Mars Cheese Castle opened in 1947 which means it's been a staple for cheeseheads along I-94 for 70 years.

Like good cheese and wine, it seems to be aging nicely. 

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