Molson Coors mass shooting investigation still in its early stages; 'It's premature to speculate'

NOW: Molson Coors mass shooting investigation still in its early stages; ’It’s premature to speculate’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Two days after the mass shooting at Molson Coors in Milwaukee, we are learning more about the suspect shooter.

Friday, Feb. 28 we heard from the family of 51-year-old Anthony Ferrill. His family released the following statement: 

"On behalf of the immediate and extended family of Anthony Ferrill:

Our family feels terrible sadness and heartache over the tragic incident at Molson Coors and devastating loss to the Milwaukee community. We are shocked and dismayed to learn of the apparent involvement and death of our family member. We sincerely extend our sympathy, compassion and prayers to the victims and families who lost their loved ones.

Our family does not intend to make any further statements or conduct interviews, and we please ask the media and others to respect our privacy and allow us space to mourn and heal."

CBS 58 went to Ferrill's home Friday, but no one came to the door. We did see his family members removing clothes and other items from their house, and they asked for privacy at this time. 

Police say Ferrill shot five coworkers at Molson Coors before shooting himself. The victims were identified as: 

  • Jesus Valle Jr., 33, Milwuakee
  • Gennady Levshetz, 61, Mequon
  • Trevor Wetselaar, 33, Milwaukee
  • Dana Walk, 57, Delafield
  • Dale Hudson, 60, Waukesha 

The question remains: Why? 

"Authorities obviously are trying to determine a motive at this time so I literally have nothing to add to that. I'm waiting to hear more information myself," said Mayor Tom Barrett. 

Mayor Barrett said he is satisfied with the amount of transparency from law enforcement. Police are in communication with Molson Coors, and Barrett believes the investigation will take time. 

"Right now there’s an investigation going on I think it’s premature to speculate on anything I think this is the time to grieve and support the families, I’ll think they’ll be time in the future to talk about many things involving this investigation," Barrett said.

Ferill had run-ins with the law back in the 1990's. 

Court documents show Ferrill was charged in 1991 with disorderly conduct in Milwaukee County after witnesses said he pointed a gun at their vehicle while they were stopped at a light.

The case was dismissed.

He was charged with battery in 1995 after a woman accused him of punching her in the mouth.

That case was also dismissed. 

The Molson Coors campus has been closed since the shooting happened, and will be closed through the rest of the week.

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