Mitchell International says your next flight may be easier than ever with new CLEAR ID kiosks

NOW: Mitchell International says your next flight may be easier than ever with new CLEAR ID kiosks

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Imagine getting onto an airplane without taking your shoes off or getting your wallet out.

Officials at Milwaukee's airport say starting Tuesday, that's possible using their new CLEAR kiosks along with TSA PreCheck.

Next time you're at Mitchell International Airport, you'll be seeing these new CLEAR kiosks which let you check in with your eyes or your fingerprints instead of your ID.

Tuesday morning, Mitchell International and CLEAR officials cut the ribbon on the new kiosks.

"I got my driver's license out, I was ready to go through TSA," said long-time CLEAR member Amy Delacluyse, "[Then I] saw CLEAR and I was very excited."

She says it makes getting through security a lot easier.

"CLEAR makes it easy because even if the TSA lines are long, I can go right through very easy with CLEAR."

CLEAR Senior Vice President Kyle McLaughlin said millions of people use the service, which is $189 annually, with discounts available to members of certain programs.

"With precheck you get to keep your laptop in your bag, your shoes on, your liquids in your bag. With CLEAR, you keep your ID in your pocket, so after you enroll with us you'll use your eyes or your fingers to confirm your identity showing up further," said McLaughlin.

Milwaukee County Executive Crowley said the addition of over 30 jobs is nice as well.

"This partnership is a great example of our ongoing efforts to not only bring in jobs, but to bring innovation right here to Milwaukee County," said Crowley. "There's just one more reason for everyone to choose their hometown airport every time they decide to fly."

"People ask me sometimes if it's worth it, certain airports more than others, but it's definitely nice. I always use it," said Delacluyse.

CLEAR officials say 45 different airports now have kiosks like these.

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