Mistaken address leads to MPD breaking down business owner's door

NOW: Mistaken address leads to MPD breaking down business owner’s door

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- One Milwaukee woman is asking the city of Milwaukee for help after a police response gone wrong.

She has spent months filing paperwork after her business was damaged.

Landre Photography owner Lacy Landre said the police had the wrong address when they busted down her door, leaving her with a big mess to clean up.

"I got here and it was just a complete mess," recalled Landry.

She found the vintage door, over 100 years old, busted in with glass everywhere after someone called in the wrong address off N. Farwell on an urgent police call last December.

"They had to act quickly. They were trying to do the right thing," acknowledged Landry.

Her building is a duplex with clear markings of a business, including a phone number. She said in the police call, the actual house was a single-family home.

"Somehow nobody stopped to call me or read the signage, or put two and two together that my name was not the name of the subject that they were seeking," said Landry.

With the door boarded up, she was left to fix things herself, costing over $3,000.

She tried to go to the Judiciary and Legislation Committee, which handles claims against the city.

"We just didn't see negligence, just because they were they were showing up in an emergency situation, you know, attempting to deal with an emergency and they were given the wrong address based off of everything that we have here," said 1st District Ald. Ashanti Hamilton after denying her request for reimbursement.

While she can still pursue damages in circuit court, it has her wondering what the point was.

"I've been dealing with this for eight months now already, filing all the right paperwork. Talking to all the right people," said Landry, "It's not even about the money for me, I would just like somebody to admit that they did something wrong."

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