Milwaukee's mask mandate also includes people exercising

NOW: Milwaukee’s mask mandate also includes people exercising

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- When Milwaukee's mask mandate goes into effect Thursday, July 16, people will need to wear a mask, even when exercising. 

"Yes! Everyone is required to wear a mask, even to exercise. If you are exercising and need to remove your face covering to breathe adequately, make sure no one is near you before removing it. Be sure to keep the face covering readily available so you can put it back on quickly and properly if someone comes within six feet of you," the health department's website says. 

The health department also says people should only engage in types of exercise that allow a person to keep a 6-foot distance from others and that don't require shared equipment or close contact with others. 

"We do know there are many people in our community that are runners or work out solo, if that’s the case then you’re by yourself and no one’s around, then you don’t need to wear a mask," said Milwaukee Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik. 

CBS 58 reached out to local gyms about how the mask mandate would impact them. Some said they were still seeking clarification. 

"It’s a change, but it’s certainly a welcome change, if it is determined that was the intent behind the ordinance," said Betsy Williamson, owner of The Barre Code in the Third Ward. 

The studio requires clients to wear masks currently, until they get to their spot in class, which she says is six feet away from others. Starting Thursday, clients will be wearing a mask while taking class. She has reached out to members of the Milwaukee Common Council for a clarification on if there is an exemption for people while taking the class. But she says she will support masks either way. 

"Really we are wanting to do whatever is right for our clients or for the community or the world, so if that was intended for us then that’s excellent."

For more Frequently Asked Questions from the health department about the mask mandate, click here. 

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