Milwaukee's Homeless Invited To Independence Day Picnic

While many celebrate July 4th with a cookout for family and friends, one organization is hosting a party for Milwaukee's homeless population. 

It happened Monday at Pere Marquette Park on North Plankington Ave. Organizers say anyone with "no place to go" are welcome to mark the holiday at the park and eat a hot meal, pick up a new t-shirt and mingle with others. 

This is the third year for the event, organized by Sister MacCanon Brown of the MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary. She says to put the picnic together takes months of planning and costs upwards of $3000, which is raised through fundraising efforts throughout the year.

She says its hosted on July 4th so that every American, regardless of their situation, can be grateful to live in this country.

"It's important for people to think about the others in America who are not so fortunate on this day," she said. "They need to be welcomed to the table too. It's their America, too. We're honored to be a part of that."

In past years turnout has been about 200 people. Organizers say they expect an even higher turnout by the end of the day.


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