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Milwaukee woman who risked life to save mother from Atlanta train tracks back home in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee woman who risked her life to save her mom is back home in Wisconsin.

The heroic rescue happened during a girls trip to Atlanta last month. The woman jumped in front of a train after a stranger pushed her mother onto the tracks.

Katie Wenszell arrived in Milwaukee around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. She spent more than 12 hours in an ambulance, traveling from Atlanta where she performed the heroic act. She will now begin the next phase of her recovery.

"We're very happy. Trust me, we wanted out of that hospital as fast as we could get out." When a stranger pushed her mother Susan in front of a train last month, Katie didn't hesitate to go after her. Susan suffered minor injuries. Katie is battling a punctured lung, a damaged shoulder, and a partially amputated foot.

"Now we get to go home, but she also gets to have her siblings which she has missed a lot. We're a very close family. She's very close to her brothers and sisters, and they have not been able to see her."

One of those brothers, Dan, joined Katie for her ride back in the ambulance. He's a critical care paramedic for Paratech Ambulance Service in Milwaukee. His supervisor says knowing Dan, it's no surprise Katie was willing to put herself in harms way for a family member.

The company provided her ride back to Wisconsin free of charge.

"When it became so close to being one of our family, it was really a no-brainer to do whatever we can to help the situation," said Chris Walters with Paratech Ambulance Service.

Susan made the drive on Tuesday. Katie's father Jerry did too. Half a day's worth of hard travel to reunite the family where they belong, home. 

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