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Milwaukee woman says she was fired for social media posts supporting President Trump

NOW: Milwaukee woman says she was fired for social media posts supporting President Trump


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee woman says she was fired for social media posts supporting President Trump.

Robyn Polak says her Facebook comments led to someone leaving a bad review on the page of her former employer, Precision Dental MKE.

Polak says the office manager called her shortly after to let her know she was being let go.

Many of her comments Polak shared with CBS 58 included the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Others are more colorful, like a meme implying that Barack Obama is the leader of ISIS.

“Do I feel like Obama was the leader of ISIS? Absolutely not,” Polak said. “It’s my freedom of speech. At the end of the day it’s my right to defend how I believe.”

Precision said in a statement:

“Precision Dental MKE respects the privacy of its employees and, as a matter of policy, does not comment on the terms of employment, retention or discharge of any individual employee. We can confirm, however, that no employee has ever been terminated for their political beliefs or their support or opposition of the President or any political candidate.”

Their social media policy states “Many people participate in social networking sites, whether for personal or business purposes. Anything you write or post is your responsibility. Please use common sense as your guide and be thoughtful about what you post. Any posting of any kind that does damage to the practice either directly or indirectly will not be tolerated.”

Nola Hitchcock Cross, an employment lawyer, says the issue is whether Polak’s speech is protected.

“The employer can fire someone for any reason at all, except for an illegal reason,” Cross said.

Firing an employee for age, disability or another protected status is illegal.

Firing an employee for protected speech is also illegal.

Cross says political beliefs are not protected.

She says protected speech includes the subjects of hours, wages and working conditions. For example, an employee sharing they believe the minimum wage should be higher cannot be legally fired.

Cross advises employees to be extremely careful with social media.

Polak says she doesn’t think she did anything wrong, and is seeking an attorney.

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Melinda 137 days ago
Looks like this is business to avoid. FB page was taken down and no ability to leave a Google review. It appears they can dish it but not take it. Been sharing this in my FB groups so everyone can go give this guy some love. Hope it affects his business very negatively.
JimSmith 138 days ago
Follow Parker Michael on Facebook! Robyn is a confirmed racist by her African American foster sister. I feel bad for everyone that has been in the cross fire because of her! Including the businesses! What a shame!
sean JimSmith 138 days ago
Looks to me like you have a personal axe to grind. Could you be the snowflake libtard who left the review? Could you be the fascist troll trying to get people fired because you're a subhuman Nazi?
Melinda sean 137 days ago
Exactly sean.
James 139 days ago
Her employer had every right to fire her. They are not limiting her free speech. She can say or post whatever she wishes, but if said posts or comments harm the reputation of her employer, they can fire her. In fact, in Wisconsin, you can be fired at any time for no reason.

Like many states, Wisconsin has adopted an at-will employment doctrine. This means employers can terminate workers for any reason and at any time, provided they do not have a contract specifying otherwise and there are no other laws regulating the relationship.

Your an idiot if you post inflammatory rhetoric on a facebook page that also lists your employer. What did she think would happen?

Homer 139 days ago
Facebook, Google, Yelp... all allow random NEGATIVE reviews against small businesses, and then shake those small businesses down for "Marketing Support" to present the business in a favorable light. You can have 50 ***** current reviews that will not be displayed, while a single 3 year old * review meets the Facebook, Google,Yelp business plan for growing their corporate profits. It's corporate BLACKMAIL protected by the 1st Amendment.

Dr. Toner at Precision Dental MKE is an excellent, well respected Dentist, yet Facebook, for no reason other than Facebook profits, has seriously damaged Dr. Toner's business and reputation.

The termination of Ms Polak will be resolved in court.
James Homer 139 days ago
The employee is responsible here, not Facebook.
Repton1 139 days ago
Jill Repton1 139 days ago
Keep America Great!
JimSmith Jill 138 days ago
She’s a confirmed racist. There is so much more to this story than she feels like saying!
Melinda JimSmith 137 days ago
You sound like the racist buddy.
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