Milwaukee Woman Recounts Terrifying Call from Daughter at Fort Lauderdale Airport

CBS 58-- As the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport unfolded, Dina Williams waited, terrified for her 21-year-old daughter who was inside.

Williams says her daughter and a friend were traveling home to Milwaukee after a cruise. Her daughter called her during the chaos.

"I'm like what's going on?," Williams recalled. "And she was like, 'they're shooting, they're shooting.' And I'm like get down low and I could hear boom boom boom and I'm like can you hear me? and she just kept repeating mamma I love you, mamma I love you, to the point where she couldn't hear what i was saying to her."

The call then dropped. It was about half an hour before Williams knew her daughter was safe. Williams says her daughter is still trying to figure out how to get home to Milwaukee.

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