Milwaukee woman jumps on hood of car to prevent carjacking

NOW: Milwaukee woman jumps on hood of car to prevent carjacking

A Milwaukee woman got the scare of her life on Tuesday. She was gassing up her car in downtown Milwaukee at 350 North Plankinton Avenue at 2:00 PM when four teens tried to steal her car with the woman right there.

In the moment, the woman jumped on the hood of the car to prevent the teens from stealing the car. In surveillance video posted to Facebook the teen trying to steal the car tries to speed off the woman on the hood of the car. Eventually the teen gets out of the car but leaves it running so the woman has to run to stop the car before cruises into traffic.

According to the attempted carjacking victim, the car the teens were in was also stolen on Tuesday.

To the teens that did this - This is not cool and it will not make you successful or good honest money.

The Facebook post goes on to say, "I know my reaction was not the smartest nor safest but it was my instinct reaction. These 4 teens showed no remorse for what they were doing as they laughed at me while attempting to steal my car."

The teens did get away with the woman's purse, iPhone and wallet.

MPD is still searching for the suspects.

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