Milwaukee woman charged with homicide for stabbing boyfriend

A Milwaukee woman is charged with first degree reckless homicide after stabbing her boyfriend in the bathroom because he had cheated on her. When police arrived they found him sitting upright on the toilet covered in blood. 
Diana Cunningham, the defendant, told police when they arrived, to 3173 North 52 Street on August 1, they could find her boyfriend upstairs in the bathroom. 
\"You can't miss it,\" said Cunningham to the police, according to the complaint. 
A knife was found in the living room  inside a black plastic sheath and both the knife and the sheath were covered in blood. 
She told police that she had got into an argument over him cheating in the past. When he went into the bathroom, she went and got a steak knife and stabbed him in the chest once. She wasn't 100% certain as to how sharp of a knife she used. She attempted to apply pressure to his stab wound. He could walk for a few minutes, and that they came up with the idea to say it was a robbery.
She told police she had been arrested in the past for domestic violence substantial battery where she used a knife in the incident causing stitches but the victim did not come to court. 
According to autopsy, the stab wound passed completely through the victim's heart and partially penetrated his lung. 
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