Milwaukee unity event galvanizes Democratic support to kick off general election campaign

NOW: Milwaukee unity event galvanizes Democratic support to kick off general election campaign

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The heaviest hitters of the Wisconsin Democratic party wasted no time galvanizing support for the general election this fall.

On Wednesday, Aug. 10,  top office holders and candidates went on a statewide "unity tour" that included a stop in Milwaukee in the afternoon.

A few hundred people packed into the Gather space in the Deer District to hear a message that focused on what's at stake this November.

The big names got a lot of attention, but Democrats stressed every race matters.

Senator Tammy Baldwin told the crowd, "All of us here today know the stakes in Wisconsin and across the country could not be higher."

And Attorney General Josh Kaul said, "This is going to be a hard-fought election. We are going to have close races."

And that means there's a lot of work left to do.

One day after the primary elections finalized the general election matchups, Wisconsin Democrats took their show on the road to make their pitches and attack their opponents.

Governor Tony Evers said, "Republicans want to divide us, it's as simple as that. Putting Wisconsinites against Wisconsinites."

Supporters were out in full force as the Milwaukee event served as a part victory celebration, part revival at times, and part call to action.

Ben Wikler, the chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, said, "Today we wake up to a dynamite slate of Democratic nominees."

Democratic voter Sydney Lee said, "I believe the only way we're going to get to the future of Wisconsin is through community, and today the community showed up and they showed out."

The race for the US Senate seat has already garnered national attention. Mandela Barnes is trying to connect with working families as he tries to oust Ron Johnson.

Barnes said, "He doesn't know what it's like to struggle to have to put food on the table. But we do. We do and we deserve leaders, we deserve representation, we deserve people in office who understand what that's like."

And reproductive rights and voting protections are likely to play a key role in Attorney General Josh Kaul's re-election bid against Republican challenger Eric Toney.

Kaul said, "We need an Attorney General who understands that abortion is part of comprehensive health care, it is not a crime."

And Lt. Governor candidate Sara Rodriguez made her pitch as Governor Evers' new running mate.

She told the crowd, "Where my heart really lies, and where I have spent the vast majority of my career, is as a public health nurse. And that's the lens I want to bring to the Lt. Governor's role."

The Milwaukee stop was the third stop on the statewide tour Wednesday after Democrats first visited Stevens Point and Appleton.

The November midterm election is 90 days away.

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