Milwaukee Travelers Catch Glimpse of Pope

Right now people are getting ready for a concert to celebrate Pope Francis in downtown Philadelphia.

That celebration includes Aretha Franklin singing for the pope and will be hosted by actor Mark Wahlberg.

A group from Milwaukee will be in the main area for that concert, and we expect to join them and bring you that experience Saturday night.

Earlier on Saturday another pair from Milwaukee, two Marquette University students we told you about Friday, got a special chance to see the pope drive through the heart of the St. Josephs University campus. And that is where those students are spending the weekend.

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Pictures from Marquette junior Dan Barrett show the pope mobile and you can actually see Pope Francis inside the car.

Because of the intense travel restrictions here in Philadelphia our CBS 58 team couldn't make it back over to campus, but CBS 58 reporter David Ade spoke to the two students over the phone.

"It's really cool to see him up close and know that we were a few feet away from him. It's unreal," says Aaron Tyler McCoy a Marquette grad student.

"Just seeing him drive by is such an exciting experience. You can't get that close any other way. It was just pure excitement," said Marquette junior Dan Barrett.

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