Milwaukee takes next steps toward police reform

NOW: Milwaukee takes next steps toward police reform

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee is taking the next steps towards police reform.

A committee of diverse leaders across the city is now officially part of city government.

It's an effort to create a new community police strategy.

"Sit at the table, and a lot of times, what we have been seeing is just a demand for change, the demand for a difference," said Community Collaborative Commission Chair Nate Hamilton.

Hamilton says the new city body will keep the lines of communication between the different stakeholders and police open, as it searches for ways to create a new community policing strategy.

"Create a city with a respectful law enforcement agency," said Hamilton.

The commission has city staff working for it. It will hold public meetings, and its records will be open to the public, allowing it to be transparent as it seeks change.

"The measure of whether or not we're doing it right, is a measurement that's weighed by the community," said 1st District Common Council Member Ashanti Hamilton.

Milwaukee Police Assistant Chief Jeffrey Norman said the police department supports the efforts. MPD was part of the prior committee and will continue working with the commission.

"Is this process going to be easy? No. But we're going to have buy in because we're all in this together as a singular voice in changing our dynamics of what we're going to do approaching community policing within the city of Milwaukee," said Norman.

The commission expects to meet every two weeks.

You can find agendas and other information here.

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