Milwaukee Streetcar Investment Guide Revealed

Construction on a citywide streetcar system will begin this year. 

Last February the Milwaukee Common Council approved the controversial plan. 

But now we're learning about some of the economic impacts it'll have on local businesses. 

The Joint Committee on the Downtown Streetcar Implementation met Friday morning.

The Business Improvement District unveiled of the streetcar investment guide. 

It's essentially a marketing tool that shows the economic potential in downtown Milwaukee with a streetcar. 

It will focus not only on routes and construction but also talks about opportunities and spaces available for businesses in close proximity to the route. 

Similar marketing guides have been used in other cities with streetcars. And it's proved to be a useful tool. 

"One of the top priorities as we look at the from the Milwaukee streetcar perspective is its ability to help drive economic development and unlock the potential in what currently can be some underutilized sites," said Matt Dorner, Economic Development Director of B.I.D. #21. 

"It's a great show of confidence for this project that the business community feels that strongly about it as they do. They're willing to invest their money into a marketing guide to show the marketing potential in downtown Milwaukee," said Commissioner Rocky Marcoux who is on the joint committee.

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