Milwaukee shuts down convenience store selling illegal drugs

NOW: Milwaukee shuts down convenience store selling illegal drugs

Residents near the Foodtown Mini-Mart on Hampton and Hopkins in Milwaukee say the drugs they sold were killing people, and shutting it down sends a positive message to the youth in the area.

"The younger kids that see that, you can do whatever you want to do," resident Timothy Henderson said. "You know what I'm saying. And if you're doing positive things, people are going to help you because you're doing positive things."

Undercover officers started buying the drugs and discovered 1800 packets of the synthetic drug "K-2," giving them enough evidence to shut the store down.

MPD says the area has already improved since they started investigating.

"It is nice to see this intersection finally finding a little peace," Captain Boris Turcinovic said. "The loitering and panhandling has plummeted since this place has been closed down, and hopefully we can take that into the future."

Mayor Tom Barrett says this isn't the end - it's part of a larger investigation into businesses selling illegal synthetic drugs.

"We're going to continue to come after you," Barrett said. "We're coming after you if you are trying to ruin this city."

He says the next step is finding a legitimate business to replace the one selling drugs.

"The first step was getting rid of this horrible business because it was a drug dealing business," Barrett said. "Now we're going to move forward and find someone who's going to come in here and make people proud of this part of the city."

Barrett says the money from selling the store will be paid to offset costs for the operation, for drug treatment programs, and to revitalize the neighborhood.

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