Milwaukee sees perfect weather for final day of Summerfest 2021

NOW: Milwaukee sees perfect weather for final day of Summerfest 2021

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It was the final day of Summerfest Saturday, Sept. 18. As part of fan appreciation day, everyone was able to get in for free until 7 p.m.

The first 30,000 people to enter Saturday, got a free ticket for 2022. 

Fans turned out for Guns N' Roses and other acts, but the question is, how did the new format work for fans and vendors this year?

While Summerfest is winding down, fans and vendors are already thinking about next year.

"Well I'm just here for cam. I love cam that that is the only reason I'm out here," said Sean Hipskind.

While it was hard to tell if Sean Hipskind was being honest about his love of Cam, he and his friends seemed to be having a good time, and they were lucky enough to score one of the 30,000 free tickets for next year, something they said they're looking forward to.

"Yes, hell yeah I'm going to use it," said Hipskind.

Vendors like Justin Stone, owner of Soul Spin Spin Art said as long as this new format works the same next year, he's down with it.

"So as long as we can leave our stuff up so we have been able to this year, so as long as they allow us to do that in the future. I think everything should be pretty smooth," said Stone.

He said he's looking forward to the event being in the Summer again.

"Putting it September, it's affecting attendance for sure, especially kids are still in school, high college kids still in school so Thursday and Fridays [are kind of slow]," said Stone, "they're a little bit low numbers but I think the format will work out when it's back to your traditional time in the Summer."

Yolanda McKenzie and her friend Linda came out to see Guns N' Roses, said the split weekends are good for working schedules.

"It gives it gives more people time to come out here and enjoy it. So, and then having all the people in one group, you can see that it's broken up, it's nice like that," said McKenzie.

The dates for Summerfest 2022 are already in place-- with them being back in the actual summer, June and July, instead of September.

Summerfest 2022 will once again take place over three weekends; June 23-25, June 30-July 2 and July 7-9.

Vice President of Entertainment for Summerfest, Bob Babisch, says switching to three shorter weekends worked well for them.

"This kind of gives you a bigger space to find bands who are touring during your time and coming through the Midwest," Babisch said. "It helps put together the kind of talent line-ups we do." 

Some of the big names performing Saturday night include Guns N' Roses, and Mammoth featuring Wolfgang Van Halen. 

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