Milwaukee residents notice increase in rodent population

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee ranked number 22 on a list of America's most rat-infested cities. Pest exterminators in Milwaukee tell us they've been busier than ever.

Some people may find them creepy, crawly, or just downright gross.

"Probably one of the most disease-carrying animals that we run into," said P.J. Winkelmann of Advanced Wildlife Control. "They are equal opportunist, and they will feed on anything and everything that you have."

People who call Milwaukee home say they have all noticed the increase in rodent population.

"It's becoming more and more frequent," said University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee senior, Anne Conroy. 

Conroy goes to UWM and says she's seen rats throughout the area. 

"They're disrupting homes and when you disrupt homes, rats need somewhere to go," said Winkelmann.

Winkelman says he is expecting an increase in calls come winter months as rodents need a place to stay warm.

UWM released the following statement: 

"UWM is aware of a report of rats in the neighborhood south of campus. We are working with the homeowners and the city to help them address the situation. UWM has no indication that there is a connection to the chemistry building construction site."
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