Milwaukee Public Works warning of imposter Water Works employees

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works/Milwaukee Water Works warns residents to be mindful of people who try to gain access to their homes by posing as Water Works utility employees.

Recently, MWW has received reports that imposters posing as Water Works employees have entered homes on the south side claiming to be checking the home for leaks. Upon entering these homes, the imposters burglarized the property.

Protect yourself and your family from scam artists who pose as utility employees:

  • Do not open your door to someone you do not recognize. Do not allow anyone to enter your home if you are not sure of any person’s identity.
  • Milwaukee Water Works employees who are on duty drive marked City of Milwaukee vehicles.
  • Ask to see photo identification (I.D.) through a window. Utility employees and contractors carry photo I.D. Legitimate employees will be happy to show you their I.D., or call the utility to verify identification.
  • Call the Milwaukee Water Works Customer Service Center - (414) 286-2830 - if you are unsure about a person’s identification or to verify work to be done at your home. Call the police if you believe the person is an imposter.
  • Do not allow anyone to enter your home claiming to be checking for a leak, collecting a past-due bill, making an inspection, or to sell utility products such as a meter or other equipment. Milwaukee Water Works employees do not engage in door-to-door sales, do not collect a past-due bill in person, and do not deliver rebates or refunds. All City of Milwaukee employees wear a photo ID while on the job.
  • If a property owner calls the Milwaukee Water Works Customer Service Center and asks for an investigation into high water use or other water service-related issue, the utility may send an employee to a home or business. The utility also may send an employee to investigate high water use or a possible meter issue, or to replace a meter, without a customer-initiated service request. Again, these employees will readily show I.D. Call the utility to confirm there is work being done in your service area.
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