Milwaukee Police Say Woman Confessed to Stabbing Half Brother Who Had Taken Her In

Anthony Sanders worked himself out of homelessness only to fall victim to violence at the hands of his half-sister.

31 year old  Aquino D. Boyd is charged with second degree reckless homicide.

The criminal complaint says the two argued after a night of drinking and when Sanders told her to get out, things turned violent.

All the more chilling, responding officers found several children of varying ages at the crime scene. Some visibly upset.

The officers say they found the victim lying on his back on a love sea with a severe laceration to the left side of his neck.

The court documents also describe "a large amount of blood on the entry wall and floor" of the apartment near 25th and Villard last weekend. 

Police quote the defendant as saying she remembers hitting "Tony"  in the left side of his head with the broken vodka bottle.

Investigators say she admitted to being angry, but said she never intended to kill him.

She said she did it because she was drunk and "was never afraid of him."

The neck portion of the bottle that was used to hit the victim was about eight (8) inches long.

After she says she hit Tony, Boyd says she ran to the neighbor and told her that Tony was not breathing and asked the neighbor to call 911.

She says she remembers telling the neighbor that she hit Tony with a bottle.

Boyd faces up to 25 years if convicted.

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