Milwaukee Police Officer's wife testifies in Badger Gun Trial

Today we heard testimony from, Graham Kunisch's wife.

Her husband was a former Milwaukee Police Officer shot in 2009 by a gun sold in a straw purchase.

Milwaukee Officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch filed a civil suit against Badger Guns after they say the store sold a gun in a straw purchase that led to their shooting.

CBS 58's Sarah Barwacz was in court tracking this testimony.

Officer Graham Kunisch's wife says the shooting has drastically changed her husband's personality and their marriage.

Kunisch was shot in the head, lost his left eye, and a portion of his brain was removed where the bullet was.

She says his brain injury has made him angry, short fused, removed from being social, and at moments scary.

His doctor testified that his condition is permanent.

Officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch  filed the civil suit after they say Badger Guns should have trained their employees to recognize and stop the straw purchase that led to their shooting.

Kunisch's wife says that shooting has left her husband bizarre and in one case he was unresponsive holding a gun in their living room.

"I was scared. I did lock myself in at one of our bedrooms and I called Bryan Norberg because I thought if Bryan called and talk to him maybe he could figure out what was going on just to make sure Graham wasn't going to hurt me or himself," said Margaret Kunisch, wife of former Milwaukee Police Officer

Earlier today Julius Burton testified he was uneducated about gun laws and never went into the gun store with the intent of making a secret of illegal purchase.


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