Milwaukee Police honor fallen officers at Law Enforcement Memorial Wall

NOW: Milwaukee Police honor fallen officers at Law Enforcement Memorial Wall

WASHINGTON D.C. (CBS 58) -- This week is all about officers supporting each other. But, by honoring their fallen friends, it's reopening old wounds that haven't fully healed.

There are more than 20,000 names on the wall but The Milwaukee Police Department is focused on two -- Officers Michael Michalski and Charles Irvine Jr.

The Law Enforcement Officer Wall is just one of many stops that members of the department are making during Police Week.

It's a time they say to support each other.

"Being here with other people from our department that have the same feeling that I do and knowing that I'm not the only one that feels this way that's hurt and sad by this," said Det. Timothy Keller with the Milwaukee Police Department.

"You get a chance to see people like you from different departments and help each other cope with the loss of a fallen hero," said Off. Shamara Alexander with the Milwaukee Police Department.

As much as they feel the support, the week is also opening old wounds.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about it," said Off. Ade.

Officer Benjamin Ade was the first person on scene after Officer Irvine was killed.

"First couple of days were difficult so I had to take some time off and kind of decompress a little bit and just keep it day by day," said Off. Benjamin Ade with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Timothy Keller said Officer Michalski was more than just a coworker and friend.

"Mike was like family, so it really was like losing a family member," said Det. Keller.

He was in the crowd Monday when Michalski's name was read aloud during the candlelight vigil.

"It brings you back to the funeral and that was one of the toughest days of my life," said Det. Keller.

Shamara Alexander visited the memorial Tuesday to find the name of her friend.

"It's nice to know that that will forever be there," said Off. Alexander. 

The Department lost three officers in less than a year, but honoring them helps them to move forward.

The 180 officers from Milwaukee is a record number for any department in the history of Police Week.

They all will attend a special ceremony Wednesday at the Capitol building. 

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