Milwaukee Police Historical Society raising money to create new police memorial

NOW: Milwaukee Police Historical Society raising money to create new police memorial

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Police Historical Society is raising money to create a new memorial to honor all 65 of Milwaukee’s fallen police officers.

The old memorial, located in the Milwaukee Safety Academy, was taken down on Wednesday to make way for the new memorial.

Milwaukee Police Captain Nicole Waldner said they ran out of space to add any new pictures for the department’s most recent fallen officers: Charles Irvine Jr., Michael Michalski, and Matthew Rittner.

“We tried to honor them in different ways,” Captain Waldner said. “We had easels up with their pictures, but it wasn’t right.”

She said a new memorial is necessary to include and honor everyone who made the greatest sacrifice.

Renderings for a new a memorial shows a wider space that will be able to accommodate more pictures, a bronze plaque listing all of the fallen officers’ names, and an interactive video kiosk that will share more about each officer’s life.

“We want to take it from an exhibit of people walking by and seeing the officers plaque, to telling their stories,” Steve Basting, Milwaukee Police Historical Society President, said.

The wall is being fabricated by Bauer Sign & Lighting Company out of New Berlin.

The Historical Society is looking to raise $100-thousand for the wall.

So far, they are more than half way to their fundraising goal.

On Wednesday, a fundraiser was held at Milwaukee Police District 3 to raise money for the memorial that will honor the fallen officer’s lives for years to come.

“They gave their lives in sacrifice of us and the community,” Shawn Lauda, Milwaukee Police Association President, said. “We must honor them properly. Forever.”

If you want to donate to the Fallen Officers Memorial Fund:

The Milwaukee Police Historical Society plans to begin installation of the new memorial by year-end.

The project will be completed in phases.

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