Milwaukee Police Department press conference on bump and run car thefts

The Milwaukee Police Department issued a warning Wednesday about a series of car thefts that are targeting female drivers on Milwaukee's south side.

The CBS 58 News at 4 p.m. carried a press conference live from Lt.  John Kaltenbrun.

The suspects are already in a stolen vehicle when they strike an innocent motorist from behind.

When the victim gets out to look at the damage, they steal the car.

In one case the person didn't get out, but one of the suspects stole her purse through an open window

In another case a woman was knocked to the ground.

It's happened on south side at least six times along main thoroughfares.

Police want people to be aware and if they get into a fender bender be sure to take a look behind you to assess the threat.

If the passenger gets out instead of the driver, that could be a warning sign.

Police advise that if you are worried, lock doors and speak through partly opened window.

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