Milwaukee Police Department Hosts Open House for Police Aides

MILWAUKEE - Police work is tough work and the challenges seem even greater lately. Still, young people are interested in law enforcement careers.

Some of them came to the Milwaukee Police Department's Open House for Police Aides today. It's the program in which young people, ages 17 to 19-years-old, are invited to work full-time and get a taste of what it is like to be a police officer.

Being a police aide can lead to a career in law enforcement. We talked to a 19-year-old who is attracted by the challenges.

"It's made the decision more clear, that I want to help, just 'cause Milwaukee needs more police officers. It's a fact, I've read many times over and over again, so I figured why not help out," said Eric Poser.

"I always tell kids, being a police officer for the city of Milwaukee is a wonderful opportunity.  There's career growth and the best way to make change is to make it from within," said Katrina Warren with the Milwaukee Police Department.

If you know any young people who might be interested in a career in law enforcement, MPD has two more open houses for its Police Aide Program. Those will be held Saturday, October 15th, and Saturday, October 29th.

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