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Milwaukee nonprofit gives criminals, ex-cons a second chance

NOW: Milwaukee nonprofit gives criminals, ex-cons a second chance


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee non-profit is giving criminals and ex-cons a second change.

"We find that when we offer people a second chance at life, that if they're ready, and they take that chance, they can improve themselves."

Eight inmates are currently employed at community warehouse on S. 9th Street.

The business seeks out people like Daniel Williams through a program called 'Partners in Hope.'

"If you want change, it's pretty good. I want change. I've been in and out of the system since I was 14 so I most definitely wanted change."

It's no small opportunity. Research shows convicted criminals face steep odds upon their release. A way around that is expungement which is a legal way to wipe a conviction from someone's record. 

Wisconsin has some of the strictest laws in the midwest and expungement is often not an option.

The last phase of the program is transitioning the workers into long-term employment. 

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