Milwaukee NAACP, leaders of other organizations announce support for police chief candidate Malik Aziz

NOW: Milwaukee NAACP, leaders of other organizations announce support for police chief candidate Malik Aziz

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Leaders of several organizations announced on Monday, Dec. 7, an endorsement for a Milwaukee police chief candidate. 

In a letter to the Fire and Police Commission, leaders from Voces de la Frontera, Forward Latino, the NAACP Milwaukee Branch, and others said they strongly support Malik Aziz. 

"It is our strong opinion that Mr. Aziz is the candidate who has most consistently demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of and commitment to implementing community-oriented policing," the letter reads in part. 

Aziz is a major in the Dallas Police Department. 

"It wasn't an easy decision. We take these things very seriously. We've been working on public safety issues and policing here in the Milwaukee area for more than 4 years, and both men have given great service to our country, but it was very obvious once we dug down into the weeds who really had the skill sets and experience in the specific things we need here in Milwaukee and that's why our board voted to go ahead and publicly support Malik Aziz for police chief," said Darryl Morin, President of Forward Latino. 

"Mr. Aziz definitely seemed to be more aware and experienced in the community oriented policing theory," said Fred Royal, President of the NAACP Milwaukee Branch. 

Both Royal and Morin said community oriented policing was as priority for them in a candidate. 

"When we spoke to Malik it was very clear that not only did he have a really in depth understanding of it, but he's actually implemented it in a number of different units where he led down in the Dallas Police Department," said Morin. 

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission voted for a new chief last week. It ended in a tie. Three votes for Malik Aziz, and three votes for Hoyt Mahaley. 

Mahaley is a former Milwaukee police officer, and currently supervisory special agent with the FBI. He has received endorsements from several pastors and community members. 

The commission is scheduled to met again Thursday, Dec. 10. 

Read the full letter below: 

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