Milwaukee man creates device to address car thefts

NOW: Milwaukee man creates device to address car thefts

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)---- There has already been an increase in car thefts so far this year compared to last year. A Milwaukee man who had his car stolen made it his mission to do something to address the issue.

Imagine being able to control your car from being stolen with the ease of an app at your fingertips. Now that can be an option for you thanks to a device called "No Go"

"It's a really good feeling when you can protect either somebody's life or somebody's property," said Jonathan Goldoff.

Goldoff is the man behind "No Go."

After he got his car stolen he decided to do something so it doesn't happen again. The wheels started turning and that’s when "No Go" flourished.

It's described as an encrypted bluetooth app controlled interlock device.

"We put the device in the car and you got an app on your phone. When you get in the car, basically you tap to enable it, which lets some vital system in the car that has been shunted operate. Either we stopped it from getting fuel or we stopped the ignition or some system inside that makes it so it can't run. So when somebody tries to take the vehicle, they would get in and try to start it and it just appears like the car doesn't work," explained Goldoff.

You disable and enable your car from the app.

"This device and app is an additional key for your car that is your phone. Without your phone and your app, you won't be able to start a vehicle," said Goldoff.

The device is universal to all car models. He's installed 30 "No Go's" so far and has more orders coming through. It's been a project two years in the making that has been a success for those who have had it installed.

"I just feel that since it's protected my vehicle so long, maybe we can put a dent in these car thefts as they are increased as much as they are. No car that has a 'No Go' has ever been stolen," emphasized Goldoff.

According to the Milwaukee Police Department, from Jan. 1 through March 15 2021, there were 1,754 cars stolen. This year, it's at 1,792.

Kia, Hyundai and Honda are the most stolen models. For only $150 the "No Go" device gets installed in your car and gives you a sense of security and peace of mind.

"I'm honored that I am the person that managed to come up with something that might actually help," said Goldoff.

He is also looking into partnering with different initiatives for the device.

"We are looking to work with some local government, maybe work with some crime initiatives and whatnot, and try and draw in maybe some insurance companies or the actual vehicle manufacturers that created these vehicles with this vulnerability in the first place," said Goldoff.

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