Milwaukee Man Charged for Shots Fired Incident at Potawatomi Casino

A Milwaukee man has been charged for the shots fired incident at Potawatomi Casino on April 15.

Terrill Thomas has been charged with two counts of first degree reckless injury, two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, and theft.

According to the complaint, on April 14 police were told of an incident where Thomas was observed allegedly firing four to five shots in the direction of six to seven men outside. The men ran in different directions. The incident happened around the block of 3400 North 36th Street.

Police found out one of the men was shot in the chest and underwent surgery at Froedtert Hospital.

On April 15, Milwaukee Police were dispatched to Potawatomi Casino regarding an active shooter around 3:18 AM.

A witness told police the defendant came near the High Roller area and began to yell for everyone to get down. The witness told police he heard gunshots.

Another witness said she heard “Get down and run!” She heard two gunshots and while running fell over a chair breaking her arm.

According to the complaint, a sergeant witnessed the defendant walking by the black jack tables. The sergeant ordered the defendant to drop the gun. The defendant allegedly dropped the gun into the garbage. Officers recovered $4,825 in gaming chips from the defendant.

The defendant allegedly told police that he and two women went to Potawatomi Casino. He said he walked into the high roller area and said the casino changed and that there were “a whole lot of snakes in the casino.”

The defendant allegedly said he was looking for an exit and observed more suspicious snakes. The defendant pulled out his hand gun and fired in to the air.

He allegedly said he placed some poker chips in his pocket. 

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