Milwaukee father creates public map to help voters find absentee ballot drop box sites

NOW: Milwaukee father creates public map to help voters find absentee ballot drop box sites

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If you’re planning to vote absentee for the November election, a Milwaukee father has made finding the nearest ballot drop box a little easier.

Blake Burgess has lived in the city for four years. He admits there are still places he doesn’t know and figured he could help voters, in the same position.

Empowering everyone to vote is important to him.

“I think there’s a lot of misinformation," said Burgess, who is also a teacher. "And this is an essential right that we have as, over 18 year old, citizens of our country.” 

Milwaukee’s Election Commission set up 15 absentee ballot drop off boxes around the city.

The addresses are online, but Burgess felt there could be an even easier way to find them.

So, he created a public map using Google.

“Our military has been voting that way for years, when they are other places, people that are ill have been voting that way for a long time, people that are elderly and can’t get out to vote, so why not enable as many people as possible to do this," he added.

CBS 58 spoke with two other Milwaukee County residents, one who already voted absentee and the other who’s on the fence.

Both supported efforts to assist voters.

“It is better for people, that way people can’t have an excuse to say why they weren’t able to maybe send their ballot back in," Jamaal Russell said.

“I think a lot of people are feeling anxious about whether or not their absentee vote will be counted," Caroline Seymour-Jorn said. "So, I’m hoping that obviously all the absentee votes are counted fairly and that people can feel comfortable that this is a safe way to vote.”

Despite expecting a record number of absentee ballots this year, Milwaukee election officials say they are confident in the safety and validity of the process.

To view all 15 drop box locations via the Milwaukee Election Commission, click here.

To view Burgess' map of drop box sites, click here.

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