Milwaukee County Zoo elephants to "stomp out" 96 melons

The Milwaukee County Zoo's elephants will stomp out 96 melons to join the campaign to stop 96 elephants dying every day in Africa. 
At 1 p.m, the Zoo’s African elephants, Ruth and Brittany, will receive 96 melons and other food items to symbolize “stomping out” ivory and joining the  campaign of 96 elephants who die every day.
On August 12, people around the globe are uniting to protect and celebrate elephants during World Elephant Day.  
The Milwaukee County Zoo will host activities drawing attention to the need to save these gentle giants and to support a federal ban on ivory.  Between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM, elephant keepers will present an artifact table and answer questions about elephants, and the need to conserve this vanishing species; visitors can sign letters supporting the strongest possible federal ban on ivory; guests are encouraged to post “Elphies” to social media in support of the federal ban using #elphie and #jointheherd.
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