Milwaukee County warns to bring your own sanitizer if heading to the parks

NOW: Milwaukee County warns to bring your own sanitizer if heading to the parks

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee leaders talked about what's ahead for the holiday weekend Friday, especially in the parks.

Disc golf is back, most of the dog parks are reopened, and the exercise equipment is ready to be used again.

But the county warns, bring your own hand sanitizer.

That's because County Parks staff will not be cleaning or disinfecting any of the shared surfaces in the County Park system.

That means those exercise stations as well as playground equipment will have signs posted, warning people it's up to them to protect their own health.

One traditional part of summer though, won't reopen -- the county's public pools. 

The county says they're too short on lifeguards, other staff, and budget dollars. They will, however, open what they're calling a significant number of wading pools and splash pads.

And if you do head to a park, the county urges you to keep moving, wear masks, and don't spoil this opportunity.

"Large gatherings of people in the parks in the upcoming days and weeks may impact the degree of openness of parks and entities in the future," said Jen Francis, Milwaukee County Parks deputy director.

"If you must visit others, try to do it outside, try to keep at least a six-foot distance, as the mayor mentioned, it's critical to wear a mask," added Dr. Ben Weston, assistant professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

The restrooms at the parks are still closed, so keep that in mind if you plan to visit.

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