Milwaukee County suburbs seeing large voter turnout so far

NOW: Milwaukee County suburbs seeing large voter turnout so far

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- The election services coordinator for West Allis says early voting is going smoothly, even as more people than she's "ever seen in her career" participate in early voting. 

Gina Gresch says they've had about a 48 percent turnout of registered voters so far with in-person absentee voting and ballots either mailed, placed in the ballot drop box, or brought in. 

"This is the most I’ve ever seen anybody come out, which is great," she said. 

She said in addition to those participating in in-person absentee voting, many people have been dropping off absentee ballots that were mailed to them. 

"If you did get one in the mail and you want to come vote in person, you can do that. You can just bring it here, and someone will witness your signature and we’ll take it from there."

Gresch says they've even had some people who wanted to change their votes. 

"We have had a couple of people say they wanted to change their votes so we go in our secured room, we pull their envelope, and write 'voter spoil' on it and then issue a second ballot, issue them a second absentee and they go right back in the filing system," she said. 

"Early voting has gone really, really well in Shorewood. We were very prepared for it," said Sara Bruckman, Village Clerk for Shorewood. 

She said a "huge population" has voted absentee in Shorewood. She said they issued over 8,000 ballots, to include in-person absentee, and have received 7,300 back. Bruckman said there are 10,400 registered voters. 

"I do still expect there will be a good turnout on Election Day," she said. 

Oak Creek is also seeing large voter turnout already. 

"We are five days out, early voting is going great here in Oak Creek. Between mailed in and in-person absentee voters, absentee ballots, we're over 50 percent voted already in our community," said Catherine Roeske, City Clerk for the City of Oak Creek. 

The deadline to register to vote at a municipal clerk's office is Friday, October 30 at 5:00 p.m. Voters can also register to vote on Election Day at their polling place. 

The deadline for in-person absentee is through November 1, but that depends on where you live. Office hours vary by municipality, so check with the municipality where you live if you plan to vote in-person absentee. 

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