Milwaukee County Board Approves $500,000 to Repair the Domes

Milwaukee County Board approved $500,000 funding for repairs to the Mitchell Park Domes and partnership between the county and the Art Museum for the purchase of the O’Donnell parking structure.

“There is no question that this has been a productive four-year term,” said Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr. “We were able to accomplish a great deal, and today we approved some important measures.”

A new redistricting process reforming the way Milwaukee County draws its supervisory districts. The measure depoliticizes redistricting and transfers that task to an Independent Redistricting Committee.

“The next term will have new challenges, but the past four years have been highly productive for the citizens of Milwaukee County, and we are proud of what we have achieved,” Lipscomb said.

A special meeting of the County Board will be held to consider vetoes by the County Executive on March  24.

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